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Intermountain Hospital located at 303 N. Allumbaugh St. in Boise, Idaho provides local drug and alcohol treatment programs for those struggling with substance abuse. Intermountain Hospital provides help for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Other addiction treatment options include Counseling that help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to get the effective treatment that they need.

For those that are seeking affordable drug rehab in Boise, Idaho, then entering addiction treatment at Intermountain Hospital is the right choice. Intermountain Hospital generally accepts struggling addicts of most age groups, i.e. 18+ to enroll in their available addiction rehabilitation programs.

Intermountain Hospital also takes commonly accepted insurances, i.e. Most Insurances, and certain types of payment such as: American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Visa. Intermountain Hospital can be contacted through their website at

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+1(800) 321-5984
303 N. Allumbaugh St.BoiseIdaho  83704

Google Reviews

  5.0   1 year ago

I thought it helped a lot grate people in the Boise Idaho one. I'm still in parts of their program because I love it so much. They really are great people. But remember if you're going in there not wanting help, it's not going to work. But if you go in there actually seeking help and wanting help you will be fine. You well get throw that hard time. And also remember a lot of people in there did have good experiences. But nobody's going to write good experiences on the reviews they don't think of it. I remember before I went in there, I looked at the reviews and I was so terrified because how many bad reviews. So if you read this don't worry it's going to be okay it's actually pretty good it takes a bit to get used to in the first day is the hardest but it gets better

  5.0   1 year ago

It's not that bad here. I started to like them towards the ending. Yes majority of them made fun of me. But it's all good.

  5.0   1 year ago

i was at intermountain for a total of 3.5 weeks over the summer of 2017. i absolutely loved it. it was way better than my home. if i had i choice i would go back again. the staff is amazing. it’s so fun to meet new people and it gets your mind off of real life and helps you grow. i loved intermountain -grace arrington

  5.0   1 year ago

In April My 17 year old son spent 21 days in Intermountain Hospital. The 5 stars I just gave for this review come from the bottom of my grateful heart. My son needed immediate help for drug abuse and mental instability. From the moment we arrived we we're treated with dignity and respect. The staff were calm and professional. It is never easy to leave your child in the care of strangers , especially when they are begging you not to. I had to make the decision to trust them and walk away. The first few days weren't easy but at least I knew he was safe and alive. I recieved several phone calls the first day letting me know how he was doing . The phone calls continued his entire stay . I felt like I was a part of every decision they were making in regards to my son . I was at every visit . The first visit was rough . Teenagers , on their best days are not easy. When you have one that is on drugs, coming off drugs, delutional, angry, suicidal ( whatever your personal crisis may be) It's a whole new ball game. Of course there are occasional outbursts in the visiting room. They know this is their chance to manipulate beg , threaten . That is what teenagers do. They say whatever they need to say to get their way. Every day got progressively better. He settled into a stuctured routine . I questioned him every day on how his day went . Just a little thing like hearing that he played football or had seconds on BBQ ribs brought my heart peace . It's funny how these ordinary everyday things can make you feel good . He also told me about the skin checks. If you are the mother/ father of a child who is suicidal or self harms by cutting I'm sure you are grateful for this. Two weeks in at a visit , my son told me " mom , I don't really mind being here. Its kind-of a relief to be away from everything". I don't know exactly what "everything" is but I felt relieved too . Right now , it is 6:00 am and my son is asleep in his bed. That is also a relief. Thank You to : The intake staff, the boys adolescent staff, the case managers, the front desk staff and the Drs. At Intermountain Hospital. I hope I will never need your services again but if I did I would not hesitate.

  5.0   1 year ago

It's not that bad here. I started to like them towards the ending. Yes majority of them made fun of me. But it's all good. God's blessing me in front of their faces. Never give up on yourself.

  5.0   1 year ago

I personally thought this facility was awesome, as long as you are willing everything is possible, I had a great experience the staff was mostly friendly and those who may not have been were simply doing their job. I felt safe and comfortable. It is run to keep you busy and on a schedule for reasons.

  5.0   1 year ago

When I was there in june 2016 I had an amazing experience and it helped me a lot of I needed to go back I totally would

  5.0   2 years ago

They were great! They kept me safe. I didn't have to participate in any activity I did not wish to participate in. All the staff really cared, even the psychiatrists!

  5.0   2 years ago

From my experience this place is actually there to help...Jeff,Lee, and Ashley did a great job with helping out the patients...Ashley's a cutie by the way even though she has a

  4.0   2 years ago

I was hospitalized in the journeys program in September of 2016. I'm reading the other reviews and a lot of people were saying it is bad and Its not. One of the things I liked about it was it was kind of an escape of reality for a bit, but leaving kinda sucked because you had to go back to reality. I honestly didn't want to be hospitalized at first because it just seemed unnecessary to me, but in the long run it really did help. The staff there are really helpful and caring in my experience. if you treat them with respect, they will respect you with respect as well. since I went during the school year, we had two hours of school each day. We also did exercise groups, as well as theraputic groups. One of my only problems was that i was not fully helped, but that is my fault. My mom told me to lie to get out of there because "she didn't like the way they treated her." I guess it's all about her? On the more positive side, I did come away with more coping skills and I am better off then in would have been with our the treatment.

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