Marijuana Oil Concerns Idaho Police

Local vape shops in northern Idaho may be violating the state's anti-marijuana laws by selling oil from cannabis plants, according to state police. Although the pill is a non-psychotropic extract, meaning users are unable to get high from it, the pil is still illegal under Idaho law because it comes from a cannabis plant.

Marijuana is a widely used psychoactive substance with medicinal properties that is gaining acceptance across the United States. However, some individuals can develop a dependence and require treatment to overcome their addiction. Dependence can cause these individuals to become lethargic and unmotivated, preferring to get high in preference to all other activities. One of Boise drug treatment centers can help those with dependence to overcome their addiction and return to productive lives. Call a local facility today.

Facts About Marijuana

This drug is extracted from a five-leafed plant called Cannabis sativa. The extract is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried leaves and flowers of the plant. The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol, often called THC. Cannabis is being used to treat a variety of medical conditions, but the vast majority of individuals use it for its psychoactive and relaxant effects. It produces a euphoric high, with enhanced sensory experiences and mild hallucinations. However, marijuana can affect individuals differently. Some people find that it helps them relate to and engage with others. Some people become sleepy and unfocused. Others become paranoid and withdrawn. A small percentage will develop marijuana dependence. The most common street names for marijuana include, pot, weed, Ganja, bud, grass and Mary Jane. However, marijuana is referred to by a wide variety of other names. Marijuana can be smoked, or it can be cooked into an edible form.

What Is Marijuana Dependence?

Many people use marijuana believing it is not addictive, but over time, it can cause changes in the endocannabinois system. These changes in the brain chemistry can lead to addiction. Marijuana dependence causes increased tolerance, so that more of the substance is needed to achieve the desired high. Users may wish to stop, but can't do so. They may experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop, or they may continue to use marijuana despite negative consequences that occur from its use.

Getting Help

A Boise Idaho substance abuse treatment center can help you with marijuana dependence, as well as the Southern Idaho Region of Narcotics Anonymous ( Don't let drugs take over your life.

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