Synthetic Marijuana Drug Rehab in Boise

It is easy to think of synthetic marijuana as a version of the natural kind, but the drug is actually far more dangerous. Synthetic marijuana is not just another type of marijuana -- it is a harmful and potentially deadly combination of chemicals, and it is wreaking havoc in many parts of the country.

One of the dangers of synthetic marijuana is that many people think it is legal and therefore safe. The truth is that this synthetic form of marijuana is not legal - and authorities are taking steps to arrest the suppliers. And synthetic marijuana is definitely not safe - use of the drug has already caused thousands of overdoses and tens of thousands of visits to hospital emergency rooms. This is why a facility offering treatment for synthetic marijuana drug rehab in Boise is needed.

If you suspect that someone you care about has been experimenting with this dangerous substance, it is important to receive guidance and information regarding available treatment centers that can help, by calling Boise drug addiction rehab centers at (208) 272-9857.

Where is the Drug Found?

One of the reasons there is such a misconception about the synthetic form of marijuana is that the drug is often sold in unorthodox places. While marijuana users often turn to their street level suppliers to get the drug, users of the synthetic form of marijuana may be able to buy it at the local convenience store or smoke shop.

That is because the combination of chemicals sold as the synthetic version of marijuana exists in a kind of quasi legal state. While many of the chemicals used to make the substance have already been banned, the chemists behind the scourge keep changing the formulation to stay one step ahead of the law.

That does not make this form of marijuana less dangerous - in fact the ever changing formulation makes the drug far more likely to cause harm. This unique type of drug has already been responsible for deaths, injuries and hospitalizations, and the problem is only getting worse as time goes on.

What Are the Signs of Use?

The signs of the use of this form of marijuana vary depending on the exact formulation of the drug, but any unusual behavior should be cause for concern. The user of this synthetic marijuana may experience agitation and disorientation, paranoia or even hallucinations. They may also experience changes in body temperature that could put their life in danger.


Many Boise recovery programs offer individual and group therapy, which can help users of synthetic marijuana determine why they started using. Patients at treatment centers are also encouraged to attend a Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting. Don't let addiction take over your life. Find a high-quality treatment facility by calling Boise recovery centers for addiction today!

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