Substance Abuse Rehab in Boise

Many Boise substance abuse rehab centers provide high-quality treatment for addicts who have nowhere else to turn. It is not uncommon to know of someone or to have experienced addiction first hand these days. With the vast amount of substances that can be abused filling American streets, substance abuse rehab centers are on the front-lines of the battle with addiction.

Substance Abuse Explained

The term substance abuse refers to the many substances that are abused for the high that they give in a recreational way. Abuse occurs when drug or alcohol use starts affecting the person's life in many ways including the neglect of their responsibilities, social and marital problems and physical health. The biggest risk of abusing substances that are physically addictive is becoming dependent.

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Why Do People Avoid Treatment?

Substance abuse rehab programs are designed to help those with an uncontrollable abuse cycle that repeatedly occurs. There are many reasons a person may not get the help they need including not feeling that they have a problem, they can't leave their job, have an inability to find adequate treatment, costs may be too high and the stigmata surrounding rehab among communities. However, if treatment is not sought, the problems will continue to multiply.

Signs That Addiction is Present

There are many different drugs that a person can become addicted to that have varying levels of dependency that forms but there are also signs that are common among all drug users. The following are some of the signs that an addiction is present:

  • Even though a person wants to stop using the drug, they can't stop regardless of the perceivable negative consequences.
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when the person isn't abusing the drug that includes feeling anxious, irregular sleeping patterns and confusion.
  • Attempts to limit the intake of the substance fails on several attempts.
  • Problems occur with work colleagues, school teachers and other people in the person's life.
  • Constantly borrowing money and even stealing to support the habit.
  • Other activities that use to interest the person no longer do

The signs of an addiction are important in the recognition of a problem so that the person is able to receive the professional help that they need to beat the addiction.


The majority of Boise medical detox centers apply various methodologies to safely wean patients off an addictive substance in a safe and secure environment. After this treatment is complete, patients are encouraged to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( You don't have to struggle alone. Find the right facility and treatment by calling Boise rehab and recovery centers today!

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